Signs Your Tree is Ready to be Removed

We have a special affinity with trees, particularly those that have been growing in our backyards for years and years. Indeed, sometimes it’s difficult to imagine what our home would look like without them. Capable of providing shelter, creating healthy soil and lending a sense of tranquility to the surrounding environment, big, beautiful trees are an iconic part of any property’s landscape. As such, it’s not always an easy decision to remove a tree from your property. However, for the safety of your family and to prevent potential damage to your home, sometimes it is necessary. An unhealthy tree may…Read more »

Six Super Amazing Facts About Trees

Life wouldn’t be the same without trees, in fact, there wouldn’t be any life at all on our planet if it wasn’t for the often-overlooked presence of these remarkable organisms which provide us with so much more than oxygen alone. Trees are, as you may have heard on many occasions in the past, the lungs of our planet and it wouldn’t be a stretch at all to say that we’re 100% dependent upon them for survival, making the trees in our backyards, gardens, parks and other places so vitally important. Yet, despite our inherent dependency on the existence of trees…Read more »

Different Uses On Offer

Tree lopping is an essential part of keeping any garden safe, healthy and looking its best. While basic tree maintenance and pruning is well within the ability of most recreational gardeners, some jobs require the know-how and specialist knowledge that only a qualified arborist can provide. At Tree Surgeons of WA, we have more than 35 years of experience in tree care, from basic branch removal to more complex jobs involving power lines or damaged trees. Whether you want to make your garden beautiful again or you are worried about potential damage from falling trees or branches, we can meet…Read more »

Different Types and Alternative Measures

Tree Surgeons of WA have been in operation since 1980, and we’ve developed into one of Western Australia’s leading providers of arboricultural services. We work with the natural and built landscape to promote tree preservation and retention, and there are many ways to accomplish this: Pruning Tree removal High- and low-vegetation management Pest and disease management On this page, we’re going to take a closer look at a specific type of tree-management term – ‘tree lopping’. As you’ll see, there are many different approaches to tree lopping, and not all of them have the best interests of your flora in…Read more »