Experienced Tree Loppers in Perth WA

With nearly four decades of experience planting, maintaining and removing trees in Perth and Greater WA, the experts at Tree Surgeons WA have developed a great deal of specialist knowledge regarding the care for and pruning of trees. Today, we stand out as a leading tree lopper in Perth, and we’re standing by to assist you with all manner of tree care in the greater Perth area.

Tree Lopping in Perth Explained

Tree lopping is, in a nutshell, the process of maintaining, pruning and reshaping a tree through selective cutting of its branches, limbs and – in some cases – trunk. There are many reasons that property owners undertake tree lopping in Perth. It may be a purely aesthetic consideration, in which case the tree is deemed to be an eyesore – perhaps because it dominates the garden, obstructs the view or otherwise interferes with the landscape.

But there are also cases in which some of a trees limbs may be viewed as a safety hazard. For example, it may become necessary to cut off a limb that is extending toward the roof of the house. Doing so saves the tree from removal without putting the property at increased risk.

Another reason to undertake tree trimming in Perth is to contain damage to a tree that occurred due to an accident or even a lightning strike. Cutting away the damaged portion allows the tree to focus its energy and resources on those sections that are still thriving.

Tree Pruning Experts for Greater WA

Tree Surgeons of WA have been in operation since 1980, and in the ensuing decades we have accrued a great deal of insight and expertise into how to best go about pruning trees in Perth.

We specialising in all facets of pruning, including the following:

  • Determining the best timing and appropriateness of the pruning
  • Taking into account any species-specific requirements
  • Performing remedial and restorative works
  • Promoting habitat protection through highly targeted practices
  • Carrying out corrective and formative pruning
  • Ensuring necessary cable and brace work through every stage of the project
  • Conducting total removals with absolute safety

Your Preferred Tree Loppers in Perth

Determining the need for and appropriateness of tree trimming occurs on a case-by-case basis, and a great deal of expertise is required to ensure that the job is carried out safely, effectively and according to the needs of the property.

There are also many unique cases that require a specialist’s eye in order to be completed successfully. Tree Surgeons of WA have extensive experience working with trees across greater Perth, and we’re able to offer highly specialised assistance for a range of jobs including palm tree trimming in Perth and other less-common tasks.  

Contact us through our website or call us on (08) 94578765 today for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll have a look at your specific trees and the surrounding property to determine the best strategies required to ensure that the trees on your property continue to thrive for decades to come.