The Importance of Removing Old Tree Stumps from Your Yard

An old tree stump may seem like an innocuous bit of wood, but that’s actually not the case at all. From presenting a potential safety hazard to causing new tree growth, not to mention the often-unsightly nature of old tree stumps left to rot as they’re exposed to the elements, there are many reasons why you should have it removed by a professional tree surgeon.

At Tree Surgeons of WA, we’ve been providing professional arborist services in Perth and across greater Western Australia for nearly 40 years and know just how important it is to remove old tree stumps before they become a problem.

To assist local home and business owners, we offer an efficient stump grinding service that’s much faster and more cost-effective than using manual stump removal methods. Here are some of the most important reasons to have a tree stump removed from your yard.

Space – Put It to Better Use

For many Perthians, the most pressing reason to have a tree stump removed is due to space considerations. While even a large tree stump doesn’t take up a great deal of space, it prevents the utilisation of that space and the immediate area around it. In areas like the inner-city and suburbs where land is in short supply and expensive, being unable to utilise space in a front or backyard due to the presence of a tree stump presents an issue that’s best resolved by the removal of the stump by experienced arborists.

Hazards – Why Take the Risk?

Tree stumps can pose a safety threat in a number of ways and as all property owners are liable for any injuries or damage caused on their property, why take the risk? Children are especially at risk of injuries caused by tripping over or running into stumps left to rot, and the number of accidents caused by lawnmowers should be all the motivation anyone needs to do something about that unsightly old stump in the backyard.

When you compare the cost of having a tree stump grinded to the cost of replacing mower blades, it makes good financial sense to have that stump removed. What’s more, there’s also the health and safety of your family and visitors to consider, so why put it off any longer?

Insects – Inviting Trouble into the Garden

In warm, temperate climates like Australia, insects can be a real problem for property owners, and in the case of termites, can cause thousands of dollars damage to properties, often rendering them practically valueless as they can’t be sold in such condition.

Tree stumps can take a very long time to decay, often years, and during that time they will be a constant source of food for a variety of wood boring and other insects, such as:

  • Termites are by far the most dangerous of all the wood boring insects that are attracted to decaying tree stumps. Having termites in close proximity to structures is dangerous and puts the integrity of your neighbours’ homes as well as yours at risk.
  • Moths and butterflies will nest in decaying wood and although they aren’t dangerous to people or property, their presence does put gardens at risk as they chomp their way through the foliage of surrounding plants and trees.
  • Wasps often make their homes in rotting tree stumps as they provide the perfect environment in which to nest and provide safety for their young. Having a wasp nest in a tree stump at home can make playing in the backyard dangerous for children.

Our gardens are reliant on insects but neglecting to remove a tree stump that’s decaying is inviting trouble into your garden. Don’t put your garden, property and the health and safety of your family and neighbours at risk, have unsightly and dangerous tree stumps removed before they pose a real threat.

Property Damage – Costly Yet Completely Preventable

In addition to termites and other wood boring insects that are attracted to decaying wood and may turn their attention to your home, failing to have tree stumps removed can result in other forms of property damage that can be expensive to repair. This includes:

  • Cracked driveways and garden paths are often the result of not having a stump removed completely. As tree stumps may cause new trees to sprout, the pressure of the new tree growing in an unintended location can crack surrounding driveways and garden paths, resulting in damage that would be costly to repair.
  • Fencing can also be damaged by the growth of new trees. As homeowners tend to share a fence line with their neighbours, neglecting to remove a tree stump entirely can cause damage to their neighbours’ property as well as their own.
  • Damage to water and sewerage pipes as a result of root growth isn’t uncommon and the cost of repairing pipes (including digging soil to access the pipe and the cost of replacements) can quickly run into the thousands of dollars.

Avoiding costly damage to property should provide all property owners with the motivation to have tree stumps removed early on.

Aesthetics – Wouldn’t Your Garden Look More Attractive Without It?

Tree stumps are unsightly and can blemish the aesthetics of gardens, especially when a lot of time and effort has been made to present the garden attractively, only to have a rotting tree stump stands out like a sore thumb.

Removing the tree stump will do more than just improve the aesthetics of your garden, it also enables you to do more with it, for example, creating an outdoor dining area, expanding a nearby garden bed or planting new trees to replace the old tree. You can also use the mulch from the tree stump on your garden to provide plants and trees with essential nutrients.

If you have a tree stump in your backyard and you recognise that it would be beneficial to have it removed, get in contact with Tree Surgeons of WA by calling (08) 94578765. As trusted tree surgeons servicing Perth and the surrounding areas, we have the machinery, manpower and experience to provide you with a complete stump removal service.